Holiday Cheese Tray

How to make a Cheese Tray for your next Holiday Party

Step 1: Pick your cheese

It's great to offer a mixture of cheeses. Pick a combination of the following-

Soft cheese: brie, goat cheese or mozzarella

Semi-soft: muenster or havarti

Semi-hard: gouda, provolone, gruyere, or cheddar

Hard: parmasean

Tangy: blue cheese or gorgonzola

Step 2: Add crackers and bread

Some favorite additions to a cheese tray are crackers, breadsticks, pita bread slices and baguette slices.

Step 3: Add something savory

Pick a few savory additions to compliment your cheese such as olives, nuts and meats like salami, sausage or prosciutto

Step 4: Add something sweet

Fruits like grapes, strawberries, pomegranate or apricots add a sweetness to your cheese tray. You can mix it up with a combination of fresh fruit, dried fruit and fruit jams.

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