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Store Policies

Check Cashing Policy

Minimum Fee 50¢

$50.00 and Over.......1%

Tax Refund.................2%



· Valid Michigan DL with picture

· Address on check & ID must match

· All parties must be present for multiple payee checks

· Working home phone number

· Dave’s Plus Card with Pre-Approved Verification



· NO on the spot check Verification

· NO Out-of-State bank will be accepted

· NO checks dated over 3 days will be accepted

· NO personal checks cashed

· NO 2nd or 3rd party checks will be accepted

· NO handwritten signatures will be accepted

· NO State ID’s

· All Checks are subject to Management Approval

Coupon Policy

Manufacturer’s coupons are doubled up to and including$1.00.  Coupons over $1.00 are taken at face value.


LIMIT 3 IDENTICAL COUPONS per transaction, per day, per family.


LIMIT 1 coupon per 1 item.


Only 1 coupon of identical coupons will be doubled. 

Separate orders NOT ALLOWED!


Manufacturer’s coupons may not be used in conjunction with in-ad coupons.


Manufacturer’s coupons may be only used for the product and size stated.  Sorry, no substitutions.


The amount refunded may not exceed the value of the item.


COFFEE and FREE coupons are taken at face value ONLY.


Coupons that specifically state ‘NOT TO BE DOUBLED’ are taken at face value only.


Internet coupons are NOT ACCEPTED.


Mass cut coupons are NOT ACCEPTED.


Coupons must have an expiration date. Expired Coupons are NOT ACCEPTED.

Personal Check Policy

Member of CERTEGY Systems


We welcome your check.  Please note: Checks returned unpaid by your financial institution are subject to a Service Charge of $25 or the maximum allowed by law.  Checks returned for insufficient or uncollected funds, together with Service Charges, may be debited electronically from your account or collected using a bank draft drawn from you account.



· Preprinted Name

· Residential Address

· Home and Work Phone Numbers

· Valid Picture Driver’s License or Dave’s Plus Card

· Local Area Only

Additional Policies…


· Checks are only deposited once

· The Returned Check Fee is $25.00

· Failure to pay any Returned Check and Fee incurred will result in the loss of Check Writing Privileges

· Checks may be written for $10.00 over the amount with a     Dave’s Plus Card ONLY

· All Checks are subject to Management Approval

Rain Check Policy

Due to circumstances beyond our control, stock of sale items may become depleted.


Dave’s Marketplace will issue a Rain Check for in ad sale items or substitute a different product of equal or greater value

(when available).


Unfortunately , we must limit the quantity on all rain checks to 2 of each item, including items that are 5/$5.00 or 10/$10.00.  Also, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific flavors after the sale date.


We apologize for any inconvenience.

Refund Policy

Please have your receipt available for any

Refunds or Exchanges.


Store Credits are issued for returned food items with proof of purchase (without a receipt).


Cash refunds require a receipt.


Sorry, we are unable to return or exchange

ALCOHOL products.

Items purchased with a coupon are only available for a return in the amount paid.

Items returned out-of-date must have receipt with them. 


Sorry, we are unable to return or exchange WIC items unless it is for the exact same item(s),.


All refunds or exchanges are subject to

Management approval.

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