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Back to School

Fall is approaching and we are ready to go back to school!

Here are some delicious lunch ideas to help make your mornings easier.

Nothing beats a classic peanut butter & jelly sandwich. We love creamy JIF peanut butter with a side of pretzels. Add some sliced up apples and your favorite flavored juice box to finish it off.

Tip: Squeeze lemon juice over the apple slices to keep them fresh all day.

Not feeling up to a sandwich? Easy! Grab a bowl of your child's favorite soup (Campbell's has many to choose from) and add a side of crackers, perfect for dipping! Don't forget a sweet side like Jell-O pudding cups and a glass of chocolate milk.

Hummus is great for dipping and a fun way to mix up your lunch. Grab a tub of Sabra hummus from our deli and pair it with slices of pita bread and veggies like cucumbers and carrots for endless variety. Keep it sweet with a pack of Twinkies and apple juice.

Tortilla roll-ups make lunch time fun! With so many options at our deli of your favorite sliced lunch meats and cheeses, you can create a different treat everyday. We like to pair Eckrich turkey and ham with tasty munster cheese. Don't forget the chips and healthy fruit cup.

Tip: Add veggies to your roll-ups to make it more fun like lettuce, cucumber and bell pepers

Need something simple? Nothing beats bagels and cream cheese. We carry a varitey of Dairy Fresh bagel flavors to cater to everyone's taste. Pair it with a sweet side like HoHos and sliced oranges.

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